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Submersible Motors

We manufacture a wide range of submersible motors of various sizes starting from 100 mm. We have uniquely positioned ourselves as one of the principal suppliers of submersible motors in India and abroad. Shakti submersible motors are made of 100% stainless steel with high precision and workmanship as per the NEMA standards. They are very easy to dismantle and repair and has no priming and suction problems. Shakti submersible motors need no special maintenance and consume low electricity. It's robust structure and totally corrosion proof body ensures durability and reliability. They are not vulnerable to high voltage fluctuations and guarantee higher efficiency.

Shakti Pumps USA Submersible Motors


  • Protection: IP68
  • PE2/PE Winding insulation for Max ambient temp.
  • Non Contaminating FES 93 filling.
  • NEMA Standard coupling dimensions.
  • Lead material in accordance with regulation for drinking water.


Motors are built in CI-FG -260/ SS AISI 304/SS AISI 316 etc.


We offer a complete submersible motor range in different voltages :

  • 4" motors, Single-Phase up to 5.5/4.0 HP/Kw (Encapsulated & Rewindable)
  • 4" motors, Three-Phase up to 15.0/11.0 HP/Kw (Encapsulated & Rewindable)
  • 6" motors, Three-Phase up to 3.0-50.0/2.2-37.0 HP/Kw (Rewindable)
  • 8" motors, Three-Phase up to 40.0-125/37-93.0 HP/Kw (Rewindable)
  • 10" motors, Three-Phase up to 116.0-252/85-185 HP/Kw (Rewindable)



General Data

High Motor Efficiency

  • High efficiency electrical design for low operation cost.
  • Elevated starting Torque, Mechanical Compactness, Reliability, Superior Performance.
  • Water lubricated thrust and radial bearing enable a maintenance free operation.
  • Special Cooling fluid for a better lubricant effect to increase life of moving parts. The liquid with its high thermal capacity gives the motor superior overload capabilities.
  • The motors are ready to operate, providing frost protection down to -15~C.
  • Sand slinger and shaft seal/Mechanical seal for high performance in Sand.
  • A preloaded special diaphragm ensures pressure compensation inside the motor.
  • Standard motor with taping winding Insulation for motor ambient of 30~C with a Min.
  • NEMA Standard coupling dimensions.

Shaft Seal/Mechanical Seal

The choice of material is SiC/ SiC provides optimum wear resistance and long life.
The spring loaded shaft seal is designed with larger surface area and sand shield. The result is a minimum exchange of pumped motor liquids and no penetration of particles and Sand.

Protection against up thrust

In Case of a very small counter pressure in connection with start-up there is a risk that the entire pump body may raise. This is called up thrust. Up thrust may damage both pump and motor. Therefore both Shakti pumps and motors are protected against as standard, preventing up thrust from occurring in the critical startup phase. The protection consists of either a built-in stop ring.

Built in cooling chambers

In all submersible motors an efficient cooling chambers at the top and at the bottom of the motors, and by an internal circulation of motor liquid. As long as the required flow velocity cooling of the motor will be efficient.

Over temperature protection

For Shakti Submersible motors accessories design for retrofitable PT 100 Senor for protection against over temperature is available. When the temperature becomes too high, the protection device will cut-out and damage to the pumps and motor be avoided.